Difficulty of the route:

Duration: 21 day

Length of the route: 1900 km

Day 1. 
Meeting at the airport of Gorno-Altaysk, receiving cars, a long drive to Tashanta - the Mongolian border. 
Day mileage will be 510 km.

Day 2.
Crossing the border. Currency exchange, refueling in Ulgiy (gas station, Bank)
Overnight stay in a picturesque spot on Tolbo-Nuur Lake
Day mileage will be 170 km.

Day 3.
A leisurely climb, acclimatization, refueling, lunch and resupply of food in Khovd and then we go north and set up camp on the shore of Lake Khara-Us-Nur
Day mileage will be 220 km.


Day 4. 
Breakfast. We drive on a beautiful mountain road along the mountain Khaldzan-Buregtey-Ula (2088 m altitude). We have lunch in Olgiy and set up camp for the night on the shore of Lake Khyargas-Nuur. The camp is on the shore of the lake near a good fishing spot where large osman fish live. 
Day mileage will be 240 km.


Day 5. 
Breakfast. We move along the sandy Borkhir to a giant funnel - the source of the Mukhartyn-Gol River, which offers a gorgeous view of the spectacular sands of Mongol-Els. After a small off-road section in the sands, we camp on the shores of the amazingly beautiful Khar-Nuur Lake. 
Day mileage will be 288 km.


Day 6. 
A day at the lakes. Hiking, swimming, photographing, climbing a stone ridge. 

Day 7. 
Driving day. A very early start. Refueling in Uliastay, then in Altai. We set up camp for the night in the rocks after Bayan-Tsagan.
Day mileage will be a little over 500 km.

Day 8. 
Driving day. We set up camp for the night in Kherman-Tsav.
Day mileage will be a little over 290 km.

Day 9.  
A day in the canyon. Recreation. Photo shoot. Small radial car routes inside the canyon.

Kherman-Tsav is one of the most picturesque and distinctive places in Mongolia in form of a large plateau of red sandstone where millions of years of erosion formed a canyon with narrow tangled labyrinths, multi-stage terraces, rocky cliffs of various shapes and sizes that can reach thirty meters in height. From afar, Kherman-Tsav looks like ruins of an ancient city with a huge wall.

Day 10. 
Breakfast. We leave the canyon and drive through the Namaget depression. Refueling, resupply and lunch in Gurvantes and a short drive to the volcano Noyon-Uul. Evening photo shoot and overnight stay.  
Day mileage will be 150 km.


Day 11. 
Breakfast on the volcano Noyon-uul. A drive through the villages of Noyon, Sevray and setting up a camp in Khongoryn-Els  
Day mileage will be 150 km.

Day 12.  
A day in the sands of Khongoryn-Els.

The highest sand dunes of Mongolian Gobi, Khongoryn-Els, 3 to 15 km wide, stretch 185 km from west to east. They reach 300 metres in height, and at their foot there is an oasis with the spring Khongoryn-Gol, which forms a gorge. 

Day 13.  
Breakfast. We replenish our reserves of fuel and supplies in Bayan-Dalai and cross the Okhin-Khutel pass, leaving the Dzun-Saykhani-Nuru ridge on our right. If the participants agree, we may visit Elyn-Am - a deep and narrow gorge, which is located on the territory of the Gobi-Gurvan-Saykhan national park. In the depths of Elyn-Am you may find ice and snow even in summer.  Evening photo shoot and overnight stay in Bayanzag (dinosaur cemetery).  
Day mileage will be 250 km.

Day 14.  
Early rise to a morning photo shoot. The cliffs of Bayanzag, illuminated by the rising sun, look like they are burning in hellfire. This place is also famous for being the largest cemetery of dinosaurs and their eggs. We drive through the Buddhist monastery Ongiin-khiyd, replenish our reserves of fuel and supplies for Arvaiheer and Khujirt and arrive at the place of spending the night at Orkhon Falls. 
Day mileage will be 280 km.

Day 15.  
Breakfast. Then we arrive in Kharkhorin and visit the Erdeni-Dzu Monastery, the first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia, built on the ruins of Karakorum. Overnight stay at the Dream Land camp site. 
Day mileage will be 110 km.

Day 16.  
Breakfast. A 290 km drive to the volcano Khorgo. Lunch. Overnight stay on the lake near Frog Rock.
Day mileage will be 290 km.

Day 17.
 Breakfast. A drive to a technical overnight stay at Lake Tunumal-Nuur.   
Day mileage will be 280 km.

Day 18.
Early rise. We replenish our reserves in Muren. A drive to Khatgal.  Then we follow a rough beaten road (180 km) along the eastern shore of Lake Khubsugul. We set up camp for the night at a beautiful spot on the shore.  


Day 19.
A day at the lake. Recreation. Photo shoot. Hiking. Swimming.

Day 20.
Early rise. Crossing the border Khankh/Mondy. A beautiful road along the Tunkinsky valley to the village of Kultuk. A view of Baikal. A fish market. A drive to Irkutsk. Return of cars and the end of the trip. 
Day mileage will be 340 km. 

Day 21.
Reserved day. It can be used during the route in case of repair, emergency or falling behind schedule for other reasons.

In Mongolia, a significant number of roads do not have a hard surface, so you need to be prepared for long drives on dusty roads of poor quality. Walking is planned only during the radial one-day excursions. Everyone can participate in the tour, no special training or good physical fitness is required. The route may be adjusted depending on weather or road conditions.

Tour price: 5400 euros or 400 thousand roubles

Terms of participation and booking of a tour

The cost includes:

  • rent of cars in Russia and Mongolia (21 day), with a recommended number of participants of 3 adults (3 beds) in each car, the car is fully equipped with everything necessary and ready for use
  • individual driving and formation of own crew
  • support and tendance of participants by the company's staff and a guide-instructor
  • three meals a day, according to expeditionary conditions (without alcohol)
  • insurance of participants for the whole period
  • OSAGO and CASCO insurance of cars for the whole period of the expedition
  • fuel

What is not included in the price of the base tour:

  • air and other tickets
  • alcohol
  • visa fees (for foreign citizens)

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