Rent terms

The "car rent" service is provided regardless of the "Base Tour" and is not a tourist product. The service is provided on the basis of a lease agreement that defines the dates, requirements for the lessee, the liability of the parties when transferring the vehicle to temporary possession of another person, payment and other conditions.

The service can be provided to individuals and legal entities, citizens of the Russian Federation and other countries.

All cars are insured for the risks of OSAGO and CASCO and are provided to the Lessee in a technically sound condition, clean, with a cleaned interior and a refuelled fuel tank. The car configuration may include: bedding, gas cylinders for cooking, traveling tables, chairs, a set of dishes, additional fuel canisters, GPS-navigator and other equipment.

All our cars are based in Moscow.

•The minimum age of our clients is 22 years.
•Driving experience must be at least 3 years. 
•The cars can be used on all the territory of the Russian Federation (specify separately). 
•Daily usage is limited to 500 km.

Additional information on the conditions of rent and delivery of cars is available on request by phone +7(495)760-33-34 or by e-mail:

Car rent cost

In the period from May 1 to October 31, the cost of renting one car is 15000 roubles per day. The minimum rental period is 7 days.

In the period from November 1 to April 31, the cost of renting one car is 15000 roubles per day. The minimum rental period is 3 days.

Discounts are given in cases of a long-term lease (8 days or more), simultaneous rent of several cars and to our regular Customers.

Car rent with delivery

Additionally, it is possible to rent a car with a delivery to a specific address.

You can also order a car rent from the airport or railway station in the city from where you plan to start your journey. In this case, our employees will bring the car directly to the entrance of an airport or railway terminal. It is a popular service and many use it.

Advantages of renting a car with delivery

  • Convenience. You do not need to go anywhere. The car will be delivered to the place of your choice.

  • Saving. You do not have to waste your time to get to the place where you start your journey.

Cost of the “Car rent with delivery” service 

The final cost of this service depends on the specific place where the car will be delivered and calculated on a separate request.

Our employees can also pick up the car at the end of the lease in a place convenient for our customers: at a railway station, at an airport or at the customer's home. The cost of this service is also calculated on a separate request.

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