Difficulty of the route:

Duration: 4 expedition days and 2 organizational days

Length of the route: 400 km

Кавказ карта


The Shaukam mountain pass is located between the two mountain ranges and connects the sources of rivers Shaukol and Tashorun. The road leading to the pass is decent but not without peculiarities: narrow spaces inclined towards the cliff, steep ascents, piles of rocky soil and more. There are plenty of stops for photo shoots planned to capture the beauty of local green meadows, snowy peaks, picturesque valleys, creeks and small lakes.

Шаукам КБР

Dzhaurgen mountain pass

Dzhaurgen is a high altitude mountain pass on a difficult road between Dzhyly-Su and Tyrnyauz. It is located on Bokovoy mountain range in Charatbash area and connects valleys of two rivers. Right after the col there is a fork in the road: the road to the right goes along the mountain range and the one to the left – descends into a green flat lowland. The overnight stop is in a beautiful place with a view of the mountains right above the clouds. Photo shoots in the evening and the morning.


Elbrus reaches 5642 m into the sky. The mountain is over 3 million years old and is formed from stratovolcanic rock, meaning its layers of rock were formed from viscous lava that mixed with ash and hardened. Today the volcano is deemed active but dormant. The volcanic activity is the reason for many mineral and hot springs. The ascent on cable way in special comfortable “shuttles” is particularly exciting.


Aktoprak is a mountain pass famous since ancient times. It connects Chegemskoe and Baksanskoe gorges. An ancient trade route used to go through here. An off road journey there will let you test the cars’ and drivers’ abilities to maneuver among hills. After the drive and a photo shoot you stop for the night by the pass.


Ak-Kaya is the highest mountain mass on the Skalisty range. Made of limestone and dolomite it overlooks the valley of the river Biyuk-Karasu. The mountain looks like a white fortress with many caves, pillars and towers. It is thought to have been underwater on the bottom of an ancient ocean. Archeologists have found fossils of ancient fish and mussels in the limestone and 50 million years old bones of a whale in one of the quarries.

Mountaineering camp Bezengi

Bezengiyskoye gorge is about a hundred kilometers from Nalchik and Bezengi is its last residential area. Routes of different difficulty to the most mysterious and interesting places of Greater Caucasus start here. Its highest section is a 13 km long massif between the Tsanner and Dykhnyaush mountain passes and is called Bezengiyskaya Wall. It looks particularly scenic at dawn. Just a few kilometers to the north is the Mizhirgi glacier. You pass a cascading waterfall on the way there. After the walk to the glacier you settle at the mountaineering camp for the night.

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