Difficulty of the route:

Duration: 5 expedition days and 2 organizational days

Length of the route: 500 km

Адыгея карта

Lagonaki plateau

One of the most interesting places by the plateau is the Devil’s Gate, a mountain pass resembling a skeleton of a prehistoric beast. That’s a perfect place for photo shoots as the view of local landscapes is best from this angle. You will have to set out early to see the Lagonaki plateau, it’s a 12 kilometer trip on a gravel road. It’s going to be a perfect opportunity to test your off-road driving skills in the safest conditions.

Лаго-наки плато

The meadows, cliffs and chasms here will make you feel like you’re in a fairy tale. After a little off-road in the woods you will trek to the shelves in the Orlinye Skaly (Eagle Rocks) where you can admire a breathtaking view. 

Oshten mountain

Oshten is the next highest mountain after Fisht – 2804 meters above the sea level. To the north from its rocky spine lie the meadows of the Lagonaki plateau, to the south – green river valleys where you can meet Caucasian Chamois and Tur featured in the Red List. It is one of the most picturesque roads in the journey that will surely make you stop to take some photos. The mountain is mostly covered with moss, grass and blueberry bushes. The glorious view of green surroundings of Oshten, mount Fisht, Pshekho-Su, the Armenian and the Stone Sea ranges will astound you.

Orlinye Skaly (Eagle Rocks)

Orlinye Skaly are not far from a small town Mezmay, on Lenin Mountain. They are called that way because several eagle families used to live there. The rocks are often called Eagle Shelves because the rock hanging over the ledge makes them look like a shelf. Its depth is about 5 meters, height – about 70 letting you take in the view of Mezmay, Lagonaki, Zauda, “Ivanovy” fields and more. It takes about two hours to climb to the shelves and two hours to get down but it is absolutely worth it as it is a most spectacular romantic place!

орлиная полка Мезмай

Guamka gorge

The way to the gorge is a mix of off-road sections with mountain and waterfall views and hiking trails. The gorge is a bit more than 3 kilometers long and 2-400 meters wide. At its start, by Guamka town, it is wide and flat: you can wander along the river Kurdzhips, look at grottoes and water-polished boulders.

The gorge has unique colours of its stone layers – shades of blue, red, white, black, grayish blue and charcoal –gray. Along the way you will encounter small waterfalls running off steep cliffs. You leave the cars in Guamka and continue the journey by a narrow-gauge railroad. After that you hike along the specially designed route. The night is spent on a beech field where you can take amazing photos with mounts Pshekho-Su and Fisht in view.

Гуамское ущелье

Vodopadistiy/Pshekhskiy waterfall

On the way to Psekhskiy waterfall you will enjoy the view of green meadows and the Caucasus mountains with distinguishable mountains like Nagoy –Chuk, Sakharnaya Golova (Sugar Head), Fisht, Pshekho-Su and others. The waterfall of glacial origin cascades from the height of 160 and 165 meters in two streams dividing the mountain mass of Pshekho-Su and Fisht in two halves. It is recognized as the highest in Adygeya and has no counterpart in Caucasus or Europe. 

Пшехский водопад

The famous 3,4 kilometers long Vodopadistiy stream, squeezed between the stone walls of the two mountains, enters the river Pshekha. The stream is loved by tourists for the wonderful scenery of its surroundings. You can rest, have a snack and spend the night right under the waterfall, in a shade, at a specially equipped site.  

Пшехский водопад

Big Azishskaya cave

The Big Azishskaya cave is on the south side of the Azish-Tau range 1600 meters above the sea level. The cave is 640 meters deep, 220 meters of which are available to explore safely. It consists of wide galleries, grottoes and spacious halls. Many of stalagmites, stalactites and stalagnates here are more than 200 million years old. Their shapes resemble animal heads, angel wings, Aladdin’s lamp, priests and more. One of the halls has a tree of happiness that is believed to grant wishes.

Азишская пещера

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