To ensure the necessary level of comfort and convenience during the trip, our groups are equipped with all the necessary equipment to organize an evening camp and provide three meals a day for all members of the expedition team in a timely and quality manner.

The base of the camp is a tent World of Maverick Cosmos 600 measuring 6 meters in diameter and 3 meters in height and designed for comfortable accommodation of the entire group. Regardless of weather conditions, the evening meal will not be tarnished by wind or rain.

Шатёр World of Maverick Cosmos 600

Inside the special canopy of the escort vehicle there are two large compressor refrigerators that transport meat, fish, dairy products, perishable foods and beverages.

A huge cauldron, a barbecue, a 20 kW gas burner, a professional cook set of dishes and dishes for all members of the group.

A powerful petrol generator serves as a backup power source for the group. If necessary, it can be used to power the power system of the escort vehicle and all associated systems.

A 320-liter technical water tank is installed in the escort vehicle. This reserve should be enough for the technical needs of the entire group, periodically refilling it from natural water bodies and artificial sources.

The module is equipped with an autonomous power supply system consisting of:

  • battery disconnect switch;

  • 12V battery, AGM type, capacity 60 Ah;

  • voltage converter 12-220V, power 900W, sinus-output;

  • WAECO charging converter;

  • solar panel, 100W power;

  • WAECO solar panel controller.

The battery charges in motion, with the engine running from the main electrical system of the car through the charging converter and from the solar panel through the charge controller.

The water supply system of the residential module consists of a 70-liter water tank located at the front of the module, an electric pump with a capacity of 8 liters per minute, a faucet combined with a shower head.

The module is heated by diesel air heater Webasto, with a built-in running hot water heater.

3 LED lights illuminate the module inside and there is an additional lamp for external lighting above the entrance door.

Basic equipment of the Terrakhod for an organized expedition:

  • gas supply for cooking;

  • water reserve, 70 liters;

  • bedding and towels;

  • traveling chairs, 4 pieces;

  • traveling table, 1 piece.

Terrakhod equipment for personal use: basic kit +
  •  GPS navigator;
  • set of cooking utensils;
  • disposable tableware;

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