We would like to talk about the #selfdrive format. Most of the proposals in the field of tourism in Russia suggest that you are driven by a hired driver in the company of other participants in the tour operator transport. What we offer is that you yourself drive an SUV and there will be no one in the cabin of your car except your family members or friends. It is a perfect way to stay in your comfort zone and an extra dose of emotions and experiences from driving a geared-up SUV.

To make sure you enjoy the driving we rejected the idea of using domestic cars in the fleet. Our motorhomes are based on powerful diesel pickups with permanent four-wheel drive, automatic transmission and original forced locks. It is easy to drive this car, and thanks to its good off-road equipment and tips from our instructor, you will be able to handle any terrain and feel like a winner!

The base for our motorhome is a 180hp pick-up truck with an automatic transmission, lowered row in the gearbox and forced rear differential lock. Driving this vehicle is easy and doesn't require any special skills from the driver. The salon and residential module can comfortably accommodate two adults and two teenagers (2 + 2)

An electric winch, a snorkel, 2-inch suspension lift kit and off-road 265/75 R16 tires are responsible for the off-road aspect of the camper

The residential module hosts a refrigerator, a heater, a sink with hot and cold water, a gas stove, a portable toilet, a shower, common and individual lighting, a powerful 220-volt inverter

Traveling with us is full of comfort and simple pleasures!

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