Central Russia

Difficulty of the route:

Duration: 5 expedition days and 2 organizational days

Length of the route: 1300 km

Воронежская область карта

Konduki — Konduki is an abandoned quarry with huge sandy mountains and blue lakes.It is one of the most beautiful places in Tula Oblast. They used to mine brown coal here but now the hills have overgrown, the quarries got are filled with water which makes it look like a scenery from Karelia or Altay. You can try extreme driving with an instructor here and drive the car up the highest hill, about 50 m. It is also here, in Konduki, you will spend the night and have an evening photo shoot.

The rock mass on the banks of the river Vorgol rises up to 40 meters and stretches for kilometers forming a picturesque ridged valley overgrown with greenwood. The massif belongs to the “Galichya Gora” nature reserve that also has the legendary Vorgol caves. The place attracts both climbers – they train on the highest rock, and admirers of unusual beautiful landscapes. The base of the rock mass Zvonari serves as the overnight stop and a chance to explore the Kopchyonaya rock which is said to hide inside its maze treasure from Tamerlane’s times.

 Storozhevoye village
Storozhevoye is a village on a cliff on the right bank of the river Don. From here you can enjoy the view of green fields, hills, jagged with ravines and a vast coniferous forest at the distance. The steep 90 meter high slope is a place paragliders like to use when the weather allows. The stop for rest and photos is planes here. The descent to the river on a serpentine road along the chalk stones is rather steep, presenting a perfect opportunity to train your off road maneuvering skills.

Divnogor’ye museum reserve
Divnogor’ye stands on the elevation of the same name on the right bank of the river Don. A so-called “cave church” is carved inside a chalk mountain here – it is a temple of the Holy Assumption Divnogorskiy monastery. The main entrance is on the valley slope by the river Tikhaya Sosna (Quiet Pine) at the base of a chalk butte. From its top you can see bends of the two rivers, an ancient settlement and a railroad. You should probably take some photos here and then come down to the Don’s bank for lunch by the Tsaryova Luka.Дивногорье

Stupino khutor
Stupino khutor is almost completely surrounded by water – the Don on one side and the Bistyug river on the other. The khutor neighbours the sacred spring of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows icon, Svyato-Spassky Convent and a windmill that is considered one of the oldest historical landmarks that have survived to this day. Only one part of once working mechanism and one blade remained intact at present. It looks fantastically creating an eternal aura around it. You can wander around , take a photo of the windmill at sunset and spend the night here.

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