Southern Ural

Difficulty of the route:

Duration: 5 expedition days and 2 organizational days

Length of the route: 900 km

Урал карта

Mambet rock on the river Zilim

Mambet is one of the highest rocks in South Ural, about 200 m. The steep cliff, stretched in crescent shape by the river Zilim, compels attention with its magnitude and inaccessibility. When climbing the narrow track to the top, make a stop at the viewing point to observe a thin ribbon of a river below and frozen waves of mountains from a bird’s eye view. Before you spend the night at the base of the rock you can inspect your surroundings and swim in the Zilim.
Зилим и Мамбет

Katushka rock, Bolshoy Shatak mountain range

The Bashtau range stretches for 40 km, has a diverse structure and is formed like a layer cake, demonstrating local geological history. Its highest point is Bolshoy Shatak, 1270 m above the sea level. It is here you can see “conglomerates of Shatak” – mountain slabs formed from boulders and gravel pressed by the ancient sea. The top of Katushka Mountain is just as impressive – it is covered with greenwood and mountain prairie.
You can settle for the night here and take photos of the surroundings from the Katushka’s cliffs in the evening.
Хребет Шатак

Inzer battlements

  The Inzer battlements are a 10km long and 3 km wide mountain range in South Ural. It got its name from the river Inzer and the shape of rocky summits resembling battlements. The battlements consist of three parts divided by peculiar cols. There are many fractured rocks and fallen trees along the range. You take a rest at its base and then trek on the range itself. The most remarkable part of it is “the rocky circus” - sharp teeth-like rocks standing in the circle. This place gives you the feeling of being in an enchanted kingdom where a magic wind wanders above the mountains and the trees.
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