About us, selfdrive and the concept as a whole

We would like to talk about the self drive format. Most of the proposals in the field of tourism in Russia suggest that you are driven by a hired driver in the company of other participants in the tour operator transport. What we offer is that you yourself drive an SUV and there will be no one in the cabin of your car except your family members or friends. It is a perfect way to stay in your comfort zone and an extra dose of emotions and experiences from driving a geared up SUV.

What we offer

We offer you to drive the SUV yourself...
We can offer you several options for your perfect journey
Our journeys are perfect for photographers...
Exclusive options and offers for corporate groups ...


Путешествие вглубь одной страны или путешествие из страны в страну, наши полностью оборудованные автомобили 4WD могут пересекать международные границы, чтобы у вас была такая дополнительная свобода исследования.
Southern Ural
Central Russia

Endless roads and fantastic colours of Mongolia are waiting for you this September!

Difficulty of the route:

Duration: 21 day

Length of the route: 1900 km

Why us

We have experienced and charismatic guides with unique original programs...
The base tour price includes all the guarantees provided by the law of the Russian Federation in respect of tourists...
With us, you can always be sure of perfect condition and safety of our cars...

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A story about the trip of the Terranavtika group to the Kola Peninsula to the far northern Middle and Rybachy peninsulas
And why does our team include a professional cook ...

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