Escort vehicle

All group trips of our campers are accompanied by our special technical vehicle based on the GAZ Sable 4x4.

This specialized vehicle not only transports the members of the escort team, but is also the base for life support of the group. The escort vehicle has a 320-liter water tank, a heater used to heat water for the shower and the technical sinks, two huge refrigerators/freezers, an integrated high-power stove and a sink.

The specialized compartments contain food supply for a group of tourists for the whole expedition, a huge world of maverick tent that ensures comfortable leisure in any weather conditions, barbecues, grills, a powerful 20 kW gas burner for a cauldron, the cauldron itself, all necessary utensils, as well as a petrol generator, a water pump for water intake, powerful inverters and 220-volt batteries.

The technical vehicle plots the road, and if necessary, goes scouting, provides food and comfort to the group, covers, if necessary, the participants' cars in off-road sections, and is responsible for taking out daily waste for the entire group.

The car was built and improved at the special factory that produces motorhomes and special equipment. It complies with the technical regulations and provides the necessary margin of safety, carrying capacity and reliability.

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