The alcove type residential module is equipped with an elevating roof, which is held in the raised state by means of gas-filled supports. The residential module and the raised roof are connected by an additional fabric shell with ventilation windows with zippered mosquito nets.

The side walls and ceiling of the residential module are made of three-layer sandwich panels, 32 mm thick, glued together using aluminium profiles. The base of the module is 60 mm thick, consists of a frame welded from an aluminium pipe, a top layer made of nine-millimetre plywood, the bottom layer made of glass-filled plastic. Extruded polystyrol is used as heat insulation in the residential module.

On the right side there is an entrance door, a hatch for access to the technical compartment to fill the water tank and a window. On the left side, there is also a window and a fuel filler. The lift-up windows are equipped with sun blinds and mosquito nets.

There are spots where additional fuel canisters and a sealed box for hiking equipment can be mounted on the back wall of the residential module. At the bottom of the module there are glove boxes made of aluminium. All external aluminium parts are painted with two-component enamel in the colour of the outer plastic. The lower boxes are covered with a wear-resistant polyurethane coating.