The menu of a base tour includes a classic European breakfast, healthy porridge, hearty omelette or scrambled eggs, sandwiches, coffee or tea - you do not need to get up early to cook it all. Professional chefs will do it for you while you are enjoying a delicious breakfast with birds singing and leaves rustling around you, surrounded by stone monoliths or in front of breathtaking views.


Sandwiches, burgers, pies or rolls with meat and vegetable fillers are what our chefs offer for a hearty snack along the base tour route. A small picnic al fresco will allow not only to relax from the steering wheel, warm up and gain strength, but also to see the nearest sights.


Dinner on the menu of the base tour consists of a first and second courses, salad or grilled vegetables with drinks typical of each region. Cooks use fresh local products, typical or - on the contrary, special ones, which can only be tasted here.