«Terranavtika» organizes autonomous car tours (self drive) in various regions of Russia for citizens and foreign tourists in cooperation with the travel agency Atravels (RTO 017419) and Partners.

Autonomous travels

Autonomous travel is an expedition, organized group car tour along the developed route with stops at key points and overnight stays in specially equipped cars. The expedition includes: five cars of participants and a sixth escort vehicle. The purpose of the expedition is the passage of the route of various degrees of difficulty from start to finish.

Thanks to the unique capabilities of the cars, the route is designed so as not to be tied to hotels and local public catering. That way you get the opportunity to visit the best places away from the usual tourist routes and civilization, with comfort and in a safe environment. The fact that you drive the car yourself reduces the cost of participation and adds to maximum immersion.

Base tour

The base tour is events at the specified time of the expedition plus the day of arrival before the start and the day of departure after the finish, with accommodation at the hotel and all necessary services. The contents, cost and time of the base tour can not be changed.

Expedition support:

This is a package of services included in the base tour. It consists of coordinating and controlling the actions of the participants throughout the expedition, providing hot and fresh meals, possible technical, information and other assistance. This is the reason why the sixth specialized car with the crew of 3 persons takes part in the expedition.

What else is included in the price of the base tour:
What is not included in the price of the base tour:
Additional services
Requirements for participants

The company "Terranavtika" works with both physical and legal entities. We are open to cooperation and possible partnership. For all questions of possible cooperation, please call +7 495 760 33 34 или e-mail: info@terranavtika.com