Terranavtika (from Latin terra - land and Greek ναυτική - the art of navigation) - is the theory and practice of navigation on the surface of the Earth for the exploration of the surrounding world with the help of manned vehicles. In other words, it is science and technology of movement on the ground.


We have founded science
We have given it a name
We have defined basic concepts and principles
We are Terranavtika

● organization
● autonomy
● interest
● decency
● safety
● comfort and service

● «Terranavtika» is science and technology of movement on the Earth
● «Terranavtika» is a company that organizes car trips around Russia
● «Terrakhod» is a specialized vehicle
● «Commander» is Terranavtika’s delegate on the journey
● «Terranaut» is a participant of the tour organized by Terranavtika
● «Crew chief» is the senior terranaut in a terrakhod
● To do terranavtka is to participate in the journey with Terranavtika

Employees of the «Terranavtika» company are active members of the Russian Geographical Society.