FIAT FULLBACK is used as the base chassis for Terrakhod-1. It is an all-wheel drive pick-up truck from Fiat’s professional product line. A complete counterpart of the Japanese Mitsubishi L200, the car is equipped with a powerful and reliable 2.4-litre diesel engine with 180 hp. and an automatic transmission. The car is fitted with the latest version of the famous all-wheel drive transmission SuperSelect 4WD. Average fuel consumption is 7,5l/100km.


The original cargo body is dismantled and in its place a residential module connected to all safety and life support systems of the car is placed. In order to increase the room inside the residential module, its roof can be elevated. When the car moves, the roof is folded and fixed by snaps located in the back of the car's sides. The residential module has two windows along the sides and one transparent ventilation hatch in the elevating roof.
The entrance in the residential module is on the right side. The pull-out ladder is located in a special case under the door.
In the back of the residential module there is a box for storing and transporting belongings and expedition equipment. There are spots where additional fuel canisters can be mounted on the back wall of the module. At the bottom of the module, there are lockers on both sides.


In order to improve off-road qualities of the car, the standard chassis is also updated. Metal bottom protection, reinforced suspension and off-road tires are installed. A powerful electric winch is mounted behind the front bumper of the car. An air compressor is hard set in the engine compartment.
The car has passed all the tests and received all necessary permits (including the traffic police) and the right to operate on public roads.

Thus, TERRAKHOD is an all-wheel drive expedition camper equipped with all necessary systems and recommended for autonomous travel.

TERRAKHOD is made to make travel interesting, comfortable and safe.



Ergonomics (from the Greek ἔργον - work + νόμος - the law) is a scientific and practical discipline the goal of which is to create optimal conditions for interaction between people and technology in specific conditions, based on physical and mental characteristics of the human body, that help to improve efficiency.

The International Ergonomics Association (IEA) defines ergonomics as: “the scientific discipline concerned with the understanding of interactions among humans and other elements of a system, and the profession that applies theory, principles, data and methods to design in order to optimize human well-being and overall system performance”.

Applying theory in practice Terranavtika created a unique residential module for the terranauts.

The residential module of the Terrakhod is designed and manufactured in a way allowing for comfortable and safe accommodation of three adult terranauts or two adults and two children.


Терранавтика Терранавтика Терранавтика


The alcove type residential module is equipped with an elevating roof, which is held in the raised state by means of gas-filled supports. The residential module and the raised roof are connected by an additional fabric shell with ventilation windows with zippered mosquito nets.

The side walls and ceiling of the residential module are made of three-layer sandwich panels, 32 mm thick, glued together using aluminium profiles. The base of the module is 60 mm thick, consists of a frame welded from an aluminium pipe, a top layer made of nine-millimetre plywood, the bottom layer made of glass-filled plastic. Extruded polystyrol is used as heat insulation in the residential module.

On the right side there is an entrance door, a hatch for access to the technical compartment to fill the water tank and a window. On the left side, there is also a window and a fuel filler. The lift-up windows are equipped with sun blinds and mosquito nets.

There are spots where additional fuel canisters and a sealed box for hiking equipment can be mounted on the back wall of the residential module. At the bottom of the module there are glove boxes made of aluminium. All external aluminium parts are painted with two-component enamel in the colour of the outer plastic. The lower boxes are covered with a wear-resistant polyurethane coating.

1 Residential module
2 Passenger cabin
3 Elevating roof
4 Ventilation hatch
5 Window
6 Solar battery
7 Tent
8 Mosquito net
9 Storage box
10 Fuel canisters
11 Locker
12 Winch
13 Door
14 Maintenance hatch
15 Tow unit
16 Fuel filler
17 Radio set antenna
18 Rear view camera
19 Elevating roof’s gas strut
20 Pull-out ladder
21 Street lamp
Терранавтика Терранавтика Терранавтика Терранавтика Терранавтика Терранавтика


Residential module of Terrakhod is equipped with a foldable bed, located at the top of the module in an alcove, a table and soft seats that can easily be transformed into an extra bed. On the left, by the entrance there is a storage area, a compartment for a portable toilet, a refrigerator. On the right, by the entrance there is a cabinet with a sink combined with a gas stove. A shower compartment is fitted next to the entrance. A wooden grate with a drain and a plug is installed in the lowering of the floor. A guideway with a movable, waterproof curtain is fixed on the elevating roof. All furniture is made of waterproof plywood and is lined with plastic. Aluminium profiles are used as corner joints. The cabinets doors are equipped with locks preventing them from opening while driving.


1 2100x1500 bed
2 Transformer seat
3 Transformer table
4 Gas stove
5 Sink
6 Faucet/Shower head
7 Electrical outlet
8 Refrigerator
9 Portable toilet
10 Shower tray
11 Storage compartment
12 Open shelf
13 Maintenance hatch
14 Air duct
15 Maintenance area
16 Lamp
17 Support systems management unit
18 Floor
19 Pillow mattress
Терранавтика Терранавтика Терранавтика Терранавтика Терранавтика Терранавтика Терранавтика Терранавтика Терранавтика Терранавтика Терранавтика Терранавтика Терранавтика Терранавтика Терранавтика


The module is equipped with an autonomous power supply system consisting of:
• battery disconnect switch
• Battery 12V, type AGM, capacity 60 Ah
• voltage converter 12-220V, power 900W, sinus-output
• WAECO charging converter
• solar panel, 100W power
• WAECO solar panel controller

The battery charges in motion, with the engine running from the main electrical system of the car through the charging converter and from the solar panel through the charge controller.

The water supply system of the residential module consists of a 70 litre water tank located at the front of the module, an electric pump with a capacity of 8 litres per minute, a faucet combined with a shower head.

The module is heated by diesel air heater Webasto, with a built-in running hot water heater.

3 LED lights illuminate the module inside and there is an additional lamp for external lighting above the entrance door.

Basic equipment of the Terrakhod for an organized expedition:
1) gas supply for cooking
2) water reserve, 70 litres
3) bedding and towels
4) traveling chairs, 4 pieces
5) traveling table, 1 piece

Terrakhod equipment for personal use: basic kit +
1) GPS navigator
2) set of cooking utensils
3) disposable tableware


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